Thursday, 14 October 2010

Fallen - Lauren Kate

Author: Lauren Kate
Date of release: December 2009
Number of pages: 460
Publisher: Doubleday Childrens
Also by this author: Torment (sequel), The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove.

Book Girl Rating: * * * *

Some angels are destined to fall.  Instant.  Intense.  Weirdly familiar... the moment Luce looks at Daniel she knows she has never felt like this before. Except she can’t shake the feeling that she has...and with him - a boy she doesn't remember ever setting eyes on. Will her attempt to find out why enlighten her or destroy her? (taken from book synopsis).

I read Fallen at the end of 2009 and decided to review it prior to my scheduled review of Torment, its sequel.  

Central to Fallen’s story is Luce.  Immediately, it’s clear – she’s a teenage girl who is scared and haunted by her past.  Her life has always been a little off-kilter and her visions of ‘shadows’ are a testament to this.  She doesn’t know why she sees them or what they mean but she’s learned to keep her mouth shut – since the psychiatrists don’t know what’s wrong – it’s clear she’s on her own.  When she witnesses another boy’s death, Luce is exiled to the harsh and domineering environment of the Sword and Cross School and she must come to terms with a new way of living.  With its grey and bleak appearance, Sword and Cross is an environment of tight deadlines and a repressive outlook.

But the school isn’t without its benefits, despite Luce’s despair we find Arrianne, Luce’s quirky, off-the-wall roommate, determined to show her the ropes of the school.  Then there’s Penn – as normal and bookish as they come.  Not to mention Cam – with his slick, dark hair and green eyes; he makes Luce feel welcomed.  Then there’s Daniel.  He couldn’t seem to care less about Luce – but there’s something awfully intriguing about him.  With her mind occupied between these two boys, Cam’s handsome and kind exterior and Daniel’s disinterest – Luce begins to settle in.

But as Luce develops her relationships with the people at the school, she realises that not everything is what it seems.  And her connections to those she finds endearing are only the start of something big...

I loved Fallen.  It’s easy for me to gush over books that have held my attention, but Fallen was great.  The setting was exciting and original, a paranormal romance in an oppressive reform school!  It was clever and funny and left me wanting more.  It really is a page turner, but thankfully keeps you guessing right until the end, where the pieces fall into place.  It was interesting to learn about Cam’s niceness and Daniel’s hostility, as it was plaguing me to see if either character was true to the way they behaved.
Luce’s story really resonated with me and her conviction as a protagonist is thoroughly believable.  Fantastic!

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  1. I loved this too. The ending made me desperate for Torment