Sunday, 14 November 2010

The Immortals Series: Night Star (Book 5)

Author: Alyson Noel
Date of release: November 2010
Number of pages: 320
Publisher: St Martin's Griffin - US/Macmillan Children's Books - UK
Also by this author: The Immortals Series (Evermore, Blue Moon, Shadowland, Dark Flame, Night Star), Cruel Summer, Radiance.

Warning: This review contains spoilers for the previous books in this series.

Book Girl Rating: * * * * 

Best friends make the worst enemies - they know all your secrets, your weaknesses and just how to hurt you most...

Haven knows something about Damen - something sordid about his past - and she's practically begging me to make her reveal it.  "I know you want to know, Ever.  And I can't say I blame you.  Damen's got secrets.  Big, juicy, dark and dirty secrets."  She stops just shy of me, her gaze taunting, gleaming, dangling her words before me like an apple before Eve - practically begging me to taste (taken from dust jacket).

Night Star picks up where Dark Flame left off, with Roman’s recent demise, Haven’s fury and her relationship with Damen and Jude still afflicting Ever’s thoughts.  Even though Roman’s gone – Ever doesn’t have the elixir and Haven begins to hint that she knows something dark and dangerous about Damen – something Ever doesn’t know – and it’s connected to their past.

Overwhelmed by the recent events, Ever is also fighting with Sabine, after her recent discovery that she was working as under the guise of Avalon, a psychic at Mystics and Moonbeams.  Desperate to escape the world of conflict with her aunt and Haven’s vehement revenge but also wanting to see her high school career out and graduate – it seems as if life has never been so hard for Ever Bloom.  Things only seem to be getting more dangerous and confusing.

But perhaps the most evident of Ever’s worries is Haven.  Her once sweet, bubbly personality has been transformed through her grief for Roman’s death – transcending her into this furious, vengeful girl fuelled by desire for revenge.

I really enjoyed Night Star; it was a refreshing addition to a fantastic series and complemented the events of Dark Flame, not to mention answered a few more lingering questions – e.g. What will Haven’s revenge be?  Can Ever choose between Damen and Jude?  It also delved into some of the past life guises of Damen and Ever and hinted at secrets and troubles that we didn’t know existed before.

Ever seems to be more determined in this book, particularly towards the end – in the face of doubt and uncertainty. The book’s ending left me wanting to know more – but so fantastically intriguing, as Alyson appears to add another sphere to the story, enough to see it well into the final chapter Everlasting.  I’ll be sad to finish this series, as I adore the books.

Reviewed as part of Nat's Little Reading Challenge.

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