Sunday, 12 October 2014

In My Mailbox - No.14

Being back in the world of blogging is a lovely feeling and I now present to you my fourteenth In My Mailbox (IMM).  All of these books were purchased this week (one I've already finished!) and intend to read the rest over the next week.   

It's been a while but this idea was initially from Kristi at  The Story Siren. All synopses are taken from Amazon descriptions!

Here's what I've had in my (virtual!) mailbox this week: 

Enticing cover...
The Killing Woods - Lucy Christopher

Emily's dad is accused of killing a teenage girl. She's sure he's innocent, and is determined to discover the truth of what happened. But her journey leads her to discover that dangerous games are being played in the woods at night ...  

I read Lucy's first book, Stolen, back in 2010 and I was absolutely captivated by her writing.  Her first person account of teenage kidnapping was an incredibly gripping read.  I re-read it on Kindle this week and there was a snippet of The Killing Woods included and it sounded great! Er...sold!  

Black Ice - Becca Fitzpatrick

Britt Pfeiffer has never been that adventurous, but that's about to change. Wanting to impress her ex-boyfriend, Britt convinces best friend, Korbie, to take a trekking trip with her. But when a freak storm leaves the girls stranded they seek shelter in a cabin, where they find two knights in shining armour. Or so they think.
Britt quickly realises that the girls need to get off the mountain, fast. In exchange for her life, she is forced to guide the boys down, and as they set out on a harrowing journey through the cold and snow, Britt realises the only way to escape with her life is to pretend she is on their side. But is gorgeous, sexy Mason an enemy or an ally? Tension mounts, and it's only a matter of time before things turn deadly . . .               

I am such a huge fan of Becca's Hush, Hush series.  I loved all four books and recently finished Finale.  I was absolutely thrilled to see that I could pre-order this next book a few months ago and immediately did so.  It was silently delivered to my Kindle on the 7th October and I haven't been able to put it down since.  I literally finished reading it about two hours ago and the review is already in progress.  Stay tuned!

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