I will upload the links to reviews I write as soon as they are finished, in order of author surname.

Please note that some reviews may contain spoilers (usually for sequels of books), I will try to indicate within the review if it contains any spoilers (or at least indicate which number in a series of books it is) 


Reviews (by surname)
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Book Girl's Rating System

I amended many of my reviews to incorporate a new rating system.  This is a standard 1-5 stars, to emphasise how much I enjoyed reading the book.  However, I usually rave about the ones I love!

*****An excellent read.  Worth every moment of your time.  It blew my mind. 
****  A really good read. Absolutely worth reading. 
***  A good read, worth a go for sure!
** A fair read - some will enjoy it.  Not as good as I'd like it to be.
* A poor read.  I didn't enjoy it and I'm not sure others would.  

(+ 1/2 stars for in-between reads!)